Oren Fried, Esti Kenan Ofri and Armand Sabah

The Musicians

Esti Kenan-Ofri

Esti Kenan Ofri

Singer-Composer Esti Kenan Ofri was born in Italy and raised in Israel. She studied dance and music in Israel, choreography in New York and Arabic music with composer Salim In-Nur and completed her degree in Arabic music in the Rubin academy in Jerusalem. She feels most intimate with the singing traditions of the Sephardi Jews.

For many years she was mainly choreographing and performing as a dancer. Her voice and the traditions she represents have inspired composers such as Luciano Berio, Andre Hajdu, Betty Olivero, Noam Sherif, Oded Zehavi, Piris Eliyahu, Neta Aloni, Mark Kopitman Tzipi Fliesher and Israel Borochov into writing and arranging music to suit her particular vocal interpretation.

She has been performing for many years with the Kol-Tof Duo, with Kol Oud Tof Trio, Slava Ganelin, with Eastwest ensemble, and with the Arabo-Andalucian orchestra of Tangier. In recent years she has been composing a lot, Her works were performed by the "Ras Deshen" ensemble, The" Beta Dance group", ensemble "Sirenot", Her work: "Women in longing" for 4 traditional singers, oud, cello and percussion, was commissioned for the opening of the International Congress for Jewish studies 2007..

Special Episodes:

  • 1988: First performance of Luciano Berio's "Ofanim".
  • 1991: In Bologna, she sang the leading role in Fabio Vacchi’s opera “Il Viaggio”.
  • 1992: In the major event for 500 years for the expulsion of the Jews from Spain' In Toledo she sang in Noam Sheriff’s composition "Passion. Sefaradi" together with the Israeli Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta, and next to Placido Domingo.
  • 1993: "A La Nana I A La Buba" choreography and music for the" Inbal" company.
  • 1995: Duo Kol-Tof with Khaled Jubran perform in Paris in a special event for the 50th anniversary of UNESCO.
  • 1999: first performance with the "Orchestra Arabo-Andalus di Tangeri" in Verona.


  • "Neighbor Tone", Hed Arzi 1986
  • "Folk Songs" with "Makamat" of Betty Olivero on Doschi Recordi S.T.A. 1989
  • "Juego de Siempre" Beth Hatefutsoth 1992
  • "Raglaim Smehot" music of Andre Hajdu The institute for integration, 1999
  • "Spirit of the East" composer - Piris Eliyahu. Magda music 2000
  • "On the Edge of a dream" (with Slava Ganelin) Zuta records 1999
  • "Birds of Passage" on Leo records (with Slava Ganelin) 2001
  • "Gazelle" Kol-Oud-Tof" trio Magda music 2002
  • "Camino en Mano" with the Kol-Tof Duo 2003
  • "INCONTRO A TANGERI" with the "Orchestra Arabo-Andalus di Tangeri" Sheherezade 2003
  • "The Hidden Spirituals" With "East West Ensemble" Magda music 2006

Armand Sabach

Armand Sabach

Armand Sabach was born in Morocco 1952, at 1965 he moved with his family to Israel where he studied middle east and sociology at the Hebrew University.

He got his masters degree in the instrumentalists department, majoring in guitar playing at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance. He directed an ensemble of Moroccan Jewish Music. He has composed for singer Ilana Eliya & was the musical director and oud player in her ensemble.

As a “specialist” of “Shirat ha-Bakkashot” of the Moroccan Jews Armond performs with the paytanim: Haim Luk, Lior Almalich, David Wizman, Mimon Cohen, Ephraim Agodayev and many others.

Oren Fried

Oren Fried

Oren Fried is a drummer and percussionist who has worked with a wide range of ensembles and traditions - from Latin and jazz to traditional ethnic, his particular emphasis has been on the Jewish musical heritage.

He has been collaborating with Esti Kenan Ofri and Armond Sabach as the "Kol Tof" Duo and as the “Kol Oud Tof” trio. He also performs and records with artists Ilana Eliya, Mendy Kahan, Ofer Calaf. The “Abidin” ensemble, singer Morin Nehdar , Baruch brenner and with Emmanuel Hannoun.


  • With Kol Oud Tof trio: "Gazelle", Magda music 2002. "25 Golden Stairs" Hatav Hashmini 2009.
  • "Neighbor Tone" Hed Artzi 1986.
  • "Ilana Eliya", MCI 1996.
  • Piris Eliyahu “Spirit of the East" Magda music 2000.
  • Kol Tof Duo "Camino en mano" 2003.
  • Abidin Ensemble Nazim Hikmat tribute album, Magda music 2005.